iPad Repair Waco

Mobile Computer Repair has been Repairing iPads since 2010 in Waco,Tx.
Mobile Computer Repair believes that quality parts are only part of the equation, we feel that installation of each iPad Repair in Waco with can include: iPad screen, iPad Charge Port, iPad battery is done only one way  THE RIGHT WAY.
We have been in business since 2004 fixing different electronic devices from iPhones, iPods, Samsung Galaxy’s s3 /s4 /s5, Note 1, Note 2, Note 3 and even the new Note 4.
Since the beginning Apple iPad’s have been a leading tablet for the tech community to enjoy and put the power of computing in the palm of your hands.

iPad Repair in Waco is a service that can be done within 2 hours for your lunch break or while you are out running errands we can repair you ipads while you are running around doing things that are important to you in Waco.


Most Commons Repairs 

The iPad touch digitizer is the most commonly repaired component of the iPad series. Since glass is one of the weakest components on the iPad and on impact the forces of the drop or fall will usually damage the glass.  All is not lost, it can be replaced.
The glass has the touch capabilities that let you move your finger and tap your iPad and sense any movement on the screen and tap on any app that is displayed on the screen.
iPad Repair in Waco is not hard just time consuming and takes a special person who has Love, Patience and the know how of glass repairs in Waco, Tx.
These repairs do not include the LCD panel, which may or may not be damaged. The screen repair process is quick and professional.

Associated Issues:

  • Cracked/Broken Front Glass
  • Chips or deep scratches
  • Cosmetic refurbishment

Models Repaired:

  • iPad 2nd Generation | iPad 2G
  • iPad 3rd Generation | iPad 3G
  • iPad 4th Generation | iPad 4G
  • iPad Mini Generation | iPad mini
  • iPad Air Generation | iPad Air
iPad repair waco texas

iPad repair waco texas

iPad repair Waco