We all know someone that has suffered from the horrors of a iPhone or Smart Phone Repair in Waco Gone bad.  It’s not long after taking a broken iPhone to the Unskilled Tech that most people find that the Craigslist, well…isn’t.
Not so at Mobile Computer Repair where we do all types of  Smart phone and iPhone Repairs in Waco and surrounding areas. We are a full electronic repair center that include Laptop, Desktop, Xbox360, Playstation3, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Tablets, Televisions and so much more Repair than just iPhone repair in Waco.  We’ll get you in right away, diagnose your electronics, iPhone SmartPhone, Game Console or any other electronic problem , and can usually get it fixed in Same Day. Come see what makes Mobile Computer Repair the most trusted Electronic device and iPhone Repair in Waco or check out our list of services at  www.MCRWaco.com


  •  We can’t call our parts “official” parts, since Apple would get mad, but they come from the same factory and built by the same people.

  • All iPhone glass repairs  for your iPhone Repair in Waco.

  • You don’t need an appointment, just come in whenever we’re open to get your iPhone Repair at 5601 Edmond Ave in Waco.

  • We repair iPad, iPad 2, iPad3 , Ipad4, ipad Mini, iPhone3,iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5c/5s ,iPods, iPod 4, iPod5, Laptops, Desktops, television, Xbox360 Playstation3.

  • Water Damage: Not a Same Day service but we have about a 88%  recovery rate and wish it was 100% but when it comes to iPhone water damage repair we can help you and a friend.

iPhone Repair in Waco

Additional types of repairs we offer in this category:

  • iphone-5

    iPhone 5/5c/5s

    iPhone 5/5c/5s Repair in Waco

  •  Our highly trained and experienced technicians will restore your iPhone to a factory state without the hassle of Apple refurbishment.  Wacoans choose Mobile Computer Repair because of our commitment to customer service and our ability to iPhones Repair in Waco in a timely and affordable fashion.


So check out the designs we have available, and keep stopping by to see more designs as we come up with them. Or suggest your own!

  • iPhone screens break, and trying to fix them yourself is likely to leave you with a broken phone and part lying around. Bring it to the Pros at LaptopMD+.

    iPhone Screen Repair in Waco

It might be made out of Gorilla Glass, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never need an iPhone screen replacement. Few things can ruin your day faster than a cracked or shattered iPhone screen. If you’re brave, venture onto YouTube, find a video, and try to do it yourself. You’ll probably get it done with no problems or with many problems that might include screen not working from your iPhone Repair in Waco.  We’ve done hundreds of iPhone screen replacement repairs in Waco since Apple released the iPhone, and we guarantee the best iphone screen repair in Waco at the best price. Best of all, your iPhone screen repair is ready in 15-30 minutes, depending on model.

  • Screens break/crack/spotted We fix them all at Mobile Computer Repair
  • iPhone 4 8GB

    iPhone LCD Repair in Waco

What’s an LCD? The LCD in your iPhone is the actual display that makes images appear on your phone. Unlike the Digitizer (the glass piece that most people think of as the ‘screen’), the LCD doesn’t get cracked or otherwise damaged very often. When they do, though, they can be a big nuisance to replace. Instead of trying an LCD repair on your own, bring it by Mobile Computer Repair: the iPhone LCD replacement masters. Please note, the iPhone 4 and 4S does not have separate digitizers and LCDs. Instead, they come as one fused unit from the factory. This is why iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S screen replacements are so much more expensive, and why if your LCD is broken, you can refer to the screen repair page for time and price information. As always, all of our parts are as close to Apple Genuine as you can get without, well, being Apple. Computer to Mobile Computer Repair for you iPhone Repair in Waco, Tx.

The most dependable iPhone Repair in Waco

  • iphone-4-home-button-repair

    iPhone Home Button Repair in Waco

The home button gets a lot of use, and as such it suffers from a lot of wear and tear. That’s why it’s no surprise that they tend to wear out quickly and frequently. Mobile Computer Repair can handle any iPhone repair in Waco that include home buttons with an identical part that will get it working good as new. Stuck home button? Unresponsive home-button? Home button feels mushy? No problem, we’ll get your iPhone home button repaired while you wait in Waco. We can handle any Home button or any other repair for iPhone in Waco at Mobile Computer Repair.

  • Bring your iPhone Home .

  • iPhone-charging-port

    iPhone Charging Port Repair in Waco

If your iPhone won’t charge, you might as well not have an iPhone. Unfortunately for DIY types, apple has made it incredibly difficult to access and repair the charging port. Don’t worry, though, our techs have done hundreds of these charge port repair for the iphone in Waco and are more than qualified to do your iPhone charging port repair in no time at all. We use only the highest quality parts that we thoroughly test both before, during, and after the install, so you know you’re getting the best repair possible. We also warranty all of our repair jobs for 30 days, so if anything breaks in that time come by and we’ll make it right. And don’t worry, you never need an appointment to see the Mobile Computer Repair: just come by anytime for your iPhone charging port repair.

  • iPhone not charging? Shocking!

  • iPhone-battery-replacement

    iPhone Battery Replacement  Repair in Waco

In order to get the slimmest form factor possible, Apple locked the iPhone battery down tight inside and made it non-removable. While we all appreciate how thin this makes the iPhone, it causes problems when your battery breaks and you need an iPhone battery replacement. Fortunately, Mobile Computer Repair are experts at getting to the iPhone battery, pulling it out, and replacing it with the highest quality parts anyone can get outside of an Apple factory. Your iPhone battery replacement is guaranteed to use identical parts to those found in an original iPhone, and is warrantied for 30 days. So if your iPhone battery is dead, bring it by Mobile Computer Repair for this or any other iPhone repair in waco and we’ll get it replaced in no time.

  • Bringing dead iPhone batteries back to life is our specialty!

  • iPhone-speaker-repair

    iPhone Speaker Replacement Repair in Waco

The iPhone speaker is one of the best in the phone industry. When it breaks, as it occasionally does, they can be difficult to replace or repair. Never fear – Mobile Computer Repair  has done hundreds of these iPhone speaker repair over the last couple of years and are experts at doing it quickly and cleanly. We use only the best parts available outside of an Apple factory, and warranty all work for 30 days. Come on in and give our iPhone repair team a chance in Waco.

  • Helping iPhones turn up the volume, one speaker at a time!

  • iphone-power-button-repair

    iPhone Power Button Replacement Repair in Waco

What do you do when you keep mashing your iPhone power button but the phone still won’t turn on? You could try to do it yourself, spend hours finding the right parts, even more hours trying to get it installed, and then the next three days trying to figure out why it still won’t work. Or you can bring it in to Mobile Computer Repair for an iPhone power button replacement! Our trained iPhone doctors have been fixing iPhones since the first iPhone hit the Waco streets, and can fix your iPhone power button better, faster, and cheaper than anyone else. iPhone power button repairs will run you $50 and will take about 30 minutes. So if you have a stuck iPhone power button, an iPhone power button that won’t respond, or a gummy iPhone power button, stop in today. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Note: Unfortunately, due to their age, we no longer Carry in stock for repair the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS for power button replacement but can order it and get it to waco in No time at all.

  • Powerful repair for iPhone power buttons!

  • iphone-camera-replacement

    iPhone Camera Replacement Repair in Waco

What good is a best-in-class camera if it doesn’t work? Unfortunately, the iPhone camera is fairly fragile, and can easily have internal connectors and sensors dislodged by bumps, falls, and other rough encounters with hard surfaces. If your camera stops responding, or you can’t take any pictures, or your pictures come out out of focus and blurry, bring your iPhone to Mobile Computer Repair+ for a free on-the-spot diagnosis. Chances are, we can completely replace your camera and get it working good as new in no time flat. Plus all of our jobs come with a 30-day warranty and use only the best parts available outside of an Apple factory.  Come in and see waht Mobile Computer can do for your iPhone repair in waco when you bring it in.


  • iPhone 4s color conversion from LaptopMD+

    iPhone Color Conversion

Tired of seeing your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s in black or white? Would you like to add some color to your iPhone? Try our brand new iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s color conversion service! Mobile Computer Repair will convert your front screen, back screen, and home button to one of many colors we have available. These are NOT skins, dyed parts, spray painted fakes, etc. These are high quality color manufactured parts!

If you’ve already cracked your iPhone and need a new screen anyway, an iPhone color swap is the perfect option for you! Several members of our staff have already converted their own personal iPhones – so come check us out for a iPhone repair or color conversion we would to see anyone in the Waco Area come on in.

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