WebSite Design

Mobile Computer  Web Design specializes in Word Press, Joomla Content Management Systems.  We have built over forty CMS systems for business owners and organizations.  Upwards of 80% of our clients maintain their websites completely on their own using Joomla’s simple interface which is as easy as Facebook.

Website Packages

We have created many different website packages that are tailored to each type niche business.  These packages are all built on the WP/Joomla CMS and include security, speed, social media integration, and SEO just like our custom sites.  The only limitation is that their design/layout is a pre-defined template.  Website packages have several great benefits for customers: 1) Offer a discount by getting it pre-packaged design versus having features ala carte, 2) Offer just the functionality you need, and 3) Can be built Faster than a custom site.


Monthly Maintenance Plan

We also provide Service plans. Our Monthly Maintenance Plan is a convenient, cost effective way to maintain and manage your website.  Keep your site up to date, secure and relevant with this new service.  To get your business online to join the rest of the Internet world has never been so easier.


Custom Webpages

We have graphic designers on staff that can create custom WP/Joomla templates. Also, we have much experience customizing eCommerce, and other systems on websites.


Website Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

We can also perform hourly work to fix problems you may be having with your Website.  We often troubleshoot/fix problems other web design professionals are having with their projects.